Printer Pulse

New printer management technology allows Cartridge World to automate toner replenishment and predict printer issues before they occur.

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What Is Printer Pulse?

A breakthrough supplies management technology that allows you to enjoy uninterrupted printing with “Toner Low” notifications. These data driven insights allow Cartridge World to replenish toner proactively. 

What Are The Benefits?

Is It Secure?

Yes, Printer Pulse meets the strict data security standards of hospitals, law firms, government agencies and more. All data is encrypted and transmitted via HTTPS and SNMPv3 protocol and no user data or personal information is collected.

How Does It Work?

We provide a small printer tracking application to your IT company to install. It is unique to your printer’s serial number. The application works with all known printer brands and captures toner levels, sending this data to our office. We then are able to monitor your inventory levels and proactively plan for direct shipment of toner cartridges. 

How Much Does it Cost?

Printer Pulse is a complimentary service for approved business customers.

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